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DuPage Radon Contractors’ commercial division can handle almost any commercial radon mitigation project. We’ve developed specific skill sets and processes to customize our commercial radon mitigation services to your needs. We are fully licensed and insured to install systems in schools, apartments, retail, warehouses, office spaces, daycare facilities, churches, and more.

Radon is part of the natural decay of what was originally uranium in the soil. Forty percent of buildings in Illinois have high levels of radon. It is colorless and undetectable to the naked eye. Radon gas is a radioactive class A carcinogen that can cause lung cancer when individuals are exposed to high levels over a period of years. It is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Radon can build up to dangerous levels in any type or age of building, so it’s essential for commercial property owners to invest in radon mitigation services.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency recommends radon testing of all Illinois buildings at least every two years. This radon testing recommendation includes office buildings, churches, warehouses, and retail spaces. Buildings that cater to children and the elderly for long periods should be tested, including hospitals, assisted living facilities, day cares, schools and foster homes. Apartment complexes, townhomes, condos, and other residential rental real estate additionally often have mortgage company or governmental regulations requiring radon testing. Most building owners have a duty of protection to provide a safe environment for their building’s occupants otherwise they face a liability exposure.

If radon levels are above 4 pCi/L, it’s important to seek professional mitigation services to reduce the long-term risk of lung cancer.

DuPage Radon Contractors can help increase indoor air quality so that your business or commercial property meets or exceeds all regulations and safety standards. We are the top Midwest commercial radon mitigation firm with unparalleled experience in all types of commercial mitigation. We are licensed by the IEMA and have over 30 years of experience in providing commercial radon services to business owners across the Midwest.

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The key elements of a commercial radon mitigation system are similar to those of single-family residential systems. However, building variables, diagnostics and customer needs can be dramatically different. Specific skills are vital in designing and installing a commercial radon system.

Needs &

DuPage Radon Contractors takes the time to understand your group’s needs and concerns. We learn about the use of the building and make appropriate plans for managing during-construction matters such as parking, scheduling, decision-maker contracts, and dust or noise.


Our team has a commercial construction background. This is tremendously helpful in understanding what materials were used in commercial buildings and what is likely to be behind walls and ceilings. This knowledge can be helpful in designing a more affordable or dependable radon removal system.


When blueprints are available for the building, DuPage Radon Contractors’ experience in blueprint reading is especially useful. Recently, we found an obscure piece of information in the blueprints that saved our client tens of thousands of dollars.


What do you need? Need work performed during non-business hours? Want us to be “low profile” with no signs on trucks or labeled shirts? Concerned about noises disturbing tenants or children wandering into a construction area? We can work it out. We even have a unique radon system design option wherein nearly all the work is on the outside of the building. No disturbing tenants or occupants. Regardless of the concerns, DuPage Radon Contractors can usually adjust to your situation.


DuPage Radon Contractors recognizes that most organizations have a tight budget. We don’t seek the type of deep profit margins that are often associated with some commercial radon mitigation projects, which keeps our prices tremendously competitive.


The trickiest part of any commercial system can be the diagnostics. We have 25+ years of experience as well as some of the best equipment available: micro-manometers, macro-manometers, radon grab-samplers, Geiger counters, thermal cameras, flowmeters, blower doors, and duct blasters.


Other radon mitigation firms tend to be only a few people.  DuPage Radon Contractors is one of the bigger firms in the U.S., helping ensure enough labor and equipment are available to handle your project with less problems.  A project should not be delayed because of a sick installer, broken-down truck or cash flow issues.

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“You guys did a great job with regards to the radon system and feel free to use me as a referral for any other companies looking into using your services.  Thanks again.”

Kimberly B.
Property Manager
56 Unit, 6-story Apartment Complex

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Actual DuPage Radon Projects

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