Radon Mitigation Systems in Chicago Area

More Options.
More Attractive, Durable, and Affordable.

As one of the largest radon mitigation firms in the U.S., DuPage Radon Contractors’ volume parts buying keeps prices competitive.

Our systems also tend to be better looking for about the same price. While many radon mitigation firms offer only one fan option, and/or one discharge option, we offer many options to better match a radon system to the look of the building and to your needs, while still meeting state regulations.

Over the years DuPage Radon Contractors has tested and now employs some of the most durable parts and best practices in the industry: water bypasses, custom floor fittings, advanced glue, etc., to provide years of trouble-free radon reduction.

& Bulk Buying =


& Bulk Buying =

More Affordable

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Bulk Buying

We have a warehouse bigger than nearly all our competitors so we can buy materials in bulk and save we than pass the savings on by offering deluxe systems at entry-level pricing.


Volume helps us find efficiencies. We have studied each action we take in the design and installation. We have tested various tools. We have even done stopwatch timings. All to enable more efficient installation without compromising quality. The savings gets passed on.

Better Looking

Fan Housing

Our standard fan comes with an attractive cover in white or black made of weatherproof ABS plastic. This protects the fan and its rubber couplings from the elements, and most people feel that it is also more attractive. Volume purchasing allows us to provide fan covers at about the same price as other firms offer exposed fans. If desired, or if a fan housing can’t fit, DuPage Radon Contractors also offers exposed fans.


A low-profile fan cover can be used when the depth of the fan is an issue, such as situations where a radon system is next to a driveway or in other places where looks are more important than noise, as low-profile fans are louder.

Downspout or
PVC Discharge

Aluminum downspout-style discharge tends to be much less noticeable than traditional PVC pipe because it is the same look and shape as most existing gutter downspouts. Some radon mitigation companies charge extra for this style of discharge, but DuPage Radon Contractors can offer aluminum downspouts at similar prices due to volume purchasing. PVC pipe is also available where desired or needed for unusual radon system circumstances.

Eight Standard

The discharge pipe for wall systems runs up the side of the building to the highest eave. At no extra charge, DuPage Radon Contractors carries eight color options you can choose from for downspout-style discharges. On some houses, this color difference really makes the system look much better than some competitors’ all-white systems.

Custom Painting
for an Exact Match

In addition to our stock colors, DuPage Radon Contractors also offers custom-painted radon mitigation system options. The fan housing can be painted to match one of our eight stock discharge colors or the entire system can be painted any color you supply.

Clear Caulk

DuPage Radon Contractors uses clear caulk to seal floor cracks rather than commonly-used gray. On some floors, this makes a big aesthetic difference.


DuPage Radon has developed a process to adjust discharge fittings allowing the downspout to be place under or on top of, the fascia board (at roofs end) on some homes. This can really improve the look versus an offset in the middle of the wall.

More Durable

Below are just a few of the parts and processes that make for a more robust radon mitigation system at a similar price to competitors.


The fan cover is part of our standard radon removal system. It is a highly durable, impact-resistant, paintable, ABS plastic cover that protects the vulnerable rubber bushings and fan housing from harsh UV sun rays and ice, snow, and rain. This cover makes the radon system quieter and also protects the system from accidentally being turned off or tampered with by workers or curious children.


A fan guard is a device that helps extend fan life by protecting it from moisture. The moist air suctioned from under the floor will often condensate on the inside of the discharge pipe, and this water often runs back down into the system and through the fan. Adding a fan guard redirects the water around the fan blades, extending fan life. Most other companies do not spend the extra for this device.

Dual Layer

Gravel-floored crawlspaces need a membrane installed to retain the radon reduction system’s suction. Prior to membrane installation, DuPage Radon Contractors goes above and beyond by installing a complete layer of high-grade 15# tar (felt) paper under the sheet plastic. This cushions the membrane and makes it much more resistant to punctures.


Discharge pipes on our standard wall system are made of locally-manufactured, .019″ thick, 3”x4”, rolled and formed first grade aluminum. This discharge is in the same shape as most gutter downspouts and is factory powder-coated for superior durability. All joints are screwed and sealed with Geocel 2000 Construction Grade caulk.

Suction Point

A special floor fitting is used to rigidly attach the piping to the suction point of the radon system. This is important, as these pipes are often bumped in the course of normal household activities. Our fitting is made of PVC and is custom-made for DuPage Radon Contractors.

Discharge Option

In some situations, a PVC pipe discharge works better. This can occur if the discharge is required to make sharp turns, or is prone to impact. DuPage Radon Contractors offers this option at the same price as aluminum discharge.

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