Radon System Maintenance & Fan Replacement in Chicago Area

We Service All Systems

DuPage Radon Contractors services all systems, even those that we did not install. Our highly trained technicians can perform fan replacement, repairs, re-caulking a sump cover, removal of a system for re-siding, or installing or activating a passive system.

           Repairs or Fan Replacement

Free, No Obligation Price for Your Building.

Radon Fan

Eventually, the radon fan will need replacement, but sometimes it is just a tripped GFCI, which we can verify and help you solve over the phone for free. Call us for fan replacement pricing.

for Re-Siding

We can remove and reinstall your unit to facilitate replacement of siding or other remodeling needs. Call for pricing.

Crawl Plastic

If the plastic covering your crawl floor is ripped or punctured, it should be patched or replaced. DuPage Radon Contractors can solve this issue.


DuPage Radon Contractors can perform any changes or repair your radon system needs. We can move the system, re-pipe it, add suction points for a new addition, or bring it up to current standards. Small repairs are at time and materials charges, with jobs over three hours usually bid, so you know your costs.

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