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Experience & Professionalism

DuPage Radon has over 30 years of experience installing over 15,000 systems. Driven for xcellence, we use every advantage to provide an industry-leading experience.

For instance, because our radon specialists install two to five times more systems each year than most competitors, we see challenges monthly that other installers might not see for years. We have taken that experience and developed processes and trained our team for challenges that might stymy other mitigators

Like Others

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In Illinois, radon mitigation activities are heavily regulated, and challenging training and testing is required to obtain a state radon mitigation license. Every DuPage Radon Contractors installation team has at least one licensed installer on the job, and the owner of the company has a specific professional license as well. All licensees at our company complete continuing education and training as well. Click here to be sure a company has an Illinois license.

Above and Beyond the Competition


DuPage Radon Contractors has one of the of the world’s most thoroughly trained radon teams. In addition to the state required training, they have added OSHA safety training and built an extensive and intensive in-house training program. It takes all the situations we have encountered over the years and trains the team to identify and handle such situations. It includes over 80 hours of in-classroom training and 14 months of in-field training. The trainer team comes with not just radon mitigation background but building science and construction knowledge as well.

Electrical Firm

Electrical activities are trained by an on-staff licensed electrician. Few other companies take this extra step.

Rated &

DuPage Radon Contractors has been reviewed, background checked and highly rated by all the prominent and prestigious referral programs.

Owned and Operated

DuPage Radon Contractors has been family owned since inception. We’re not a national chain with out-of-state ownership. If a major decision needs to be made, we can make it quickly. Need to talk to our owners, Dan Potter or Shawn Swallow?  Just ask.

Learn more about each:
Dan Potter
Shawn Swallow

Full-time Employees

We don’t employ part-timers or sub-contractors to get our jobs done. Hiring full-time employees gives us more control over our team’s actions and instills loyalty. Our full-time radon specialists quickly gain on-the-job experience in a shorter amount of time than part-time employees would. With our training program and large amount of work, our new employees don’t stay “green” for long. Our installers often see more jobs in a month than some part-timers do in 6 months.


We carry significantly more insurance that most our
competitors to protect you better.

  • $5 Million Umbrella Coverage
  • Property Damage Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance


All our radon specialists are covered if they hurt themselves on your property. Not all companies take this important and expensive step.  Click here to check if a company has Workers Comp. Insurance. Ours is listed under Responsive Radon Remediation, our parent company.


Driven to expand our professionalism and give back to the industry and community, DuPage Radon Contractors participates and volunteers in many charitable and professional organizations.


DuPage Radon Contractors carries and has in effect at all times at least two million dollars in aggregate commercial liability coverage, which covers all company activities, including vehicles.

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