Radon Mitigation in
Aurora, IL

Homes, families, and businesses in Aurora, Illinois that need radon mitigation are in luck – DuPage Radon has the equipment and experience needed to cut the radon levels in your Aurora home or business to where they are safe. We’re proud to have installed over 12,000 systems in Illinois over the past 25 years, and we’re not slowing down.

Residents and business owners in Aurora, IL are not excepted from the dangers of radon to the lungs. Have your home or business tested, then call on the proven expertise of DuPage Radon to control the radon in your interior. We’re so confident, we guarantee you’ll past your radon post-test after our system begins working.

How Dangerous Is Radon in Aurora?

Radon testers can submit average readings to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to help create an average of a given area’s radon levels. Kane County and surrounding counties in Illinois have average radon levels of over 4 pCi/L.

When the uranium transforms into radon gas, it disintegrates, which causes a burst of energy that can damage living tissue. If the disintegrations and resultant energy bursts occur in the lungs, damage can accumulate quickly.

Superior Radon Mitigation Systems for Aurora, Illinois

DuPage Radon’s training and experience goes distances far beyond the standard licensing and bonding provided by your average service. We’re accredited and recognized by such prestigious and popular organizations as the Better Business Bureau, Home Experts, Angie’s List, and AARST. Not only that, we offer exclusive bonuses when you mitigate with us, such as:

Affordability Through Volume Purchasing

Low price is just as important to us as it is to you. DuPage uses volume purchasing for materials, which is made possible by our seamless organization and well-built processes. We also stay up-to-the-minute on workflow improvements enabled by the latest technology. Affordable parts and a smooth workflow keep our prices low and the beauty of our systems high.

Same-Day Bids

In our hands when we visit your site, you’ll find one of our tablets that allows us to plug in the necessary information and materials to craft your radon mitigation system in Aurora, IL and give you a bid, not an estimate, right on the spot.

Firm Price

Working with contractors can be scary – often, after you receive an estimate, the shoddy workmanship and poor progression of sub-par contractors mean your estimate goes up on installation day. With DuPage Radon, you don’t have to worry; we give you a set price whenever we visit your home or business.

Full-Time Staff

It’s highly uncommon for radon mitigation crews to hire on full-time staff. For most other contractors, the cost of maintaining a full-time crew just isn’t worth the investment. But we disagree. Hiring a full-time staff allows us to build a highly-trained team that takes pride in the DuPage Radon name and the work that they accomplish.


Training is not taken lightly at DuPage Radon. The full-time staff we employ enjoys basic radon and radon mitigation training, but we also teach much more: they learn about and practice on construction, remodeling, and building science, including envelope analysis and air flow.

To help out, we also have a licensed electrician on staff to provide electrical expertise when installing radon mitigation that works with sensitive electrical systems.

Hassle-Free Installation

Installing your radon removal system in Aurora, IL is a snap for our team. Many of our systems have been installed in as little as a single day. Installers come to the job site with all the equipment they need in tow, and they clean up after themselves before they leave so you can enjoy clean, radon-free air fast.

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We offer services in many areas of Illinois, including Aurora. Our full-time experts are in the business of health, and they’re proud of their training and experience.

Improve your quality of life starting today – call DuPage Radon Contractors or fill out our form to start your journey to a safer home or business with radon removal and mitigation in Aurora, Illinois.

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