Radon Mitigation in
Elmhurst, IL

Radon Mitigation in Elmhurst, IL

Despite the dangers of radon, if you live or work in Elmhurst, IL, radon reduction is only a short call or email away. DuPage Radon awaits your call with a team of highly-skilled, rigorously trained radon mitigation experts that service Elmhurst, IL and countless other areas of the state.

We’re proud to boast about the installation of over 12,000 systems in Illinois over the past 25 years, and we’ll continue that momentum with each new system. We offer services in many areas of Illinois, including Elmhurst, and guarantee that once you have one of our systems in place, you’ll pass your next radon post-test.

How Dangerous Is Radon in Elmhurst?

Recent surveys have found that more than 41 percent of homes in Elmhurst, IL need radon reduction. These homes are at the action level of radon presence – that is, the air is heavy enough with radon that its reading has reached 4 pCi/L (picocuries per liter of air), a limit set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Any amount of radon is detrimental and can lead to serious health issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call in the radon experts at DuPage Radon today.

More Than Just Mitigation Systems for Elmhurst, IL

We’ve been recognized by the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and many more prestigious companies with mercilessly high standards. We’ve earned their trust as radon mitigation experts in Elmhurst, Illinois, and we’d like to earn yours, as well.

You should expect more out of a radon mitigation team than the standard license and bonding. Our team is licensed and highly insured, but we offer more, too:

Volume Purchasing for Incredible Affordability

How do we get our prices so low? We’ve got such a deep knowledge of radon mitigation that we know exactly what even the most challenging jobs will call for – which means we can make volume purchases for extra-low prices. Low overhead means low service prices, which also means happier customers just like you.

Same-Day Bids

We are equipped with tablet-based pricing technology that allows us to show you what we need to do and how much it will cost. The price you get is simple, straight, and fast, and we give it to you face-to-face so there are no surprises later.

One Set Price

What do we mean when we say no surprises? We mean that our tablet pricing gives you the cost, not the estimate, for our services. When installation day comes around, you won’t have to worry about your price hiking up.

Full-Time Staff

Our success and superior specialization have allowed us to hire a full-time staff for all our radon mitigation projects in Elmhurst, IL. That means you get a team of hardy and trustworthy radon reduction experts that operate near Elmhurst, IL who have been working reliably and efficiently together for years.

Remarkable Training

The training we offer our employees goes far beyond that provided by ordinary contractors. We have licensed electricians on staff, and our team members learn the essentials of constructing and remodeling buildings. They master building envelope analysis and air flow dynamics so that they understand the potential of radon front to back.

Hassle-Free Installation

Installing your radon removal system in Elmhurst, IL is straightforward and simple. Quite a few of our systems have been installed in a single day thanks to the preparedness of our crew and their ability to get in, get out, and clean up quick in the name of DuPage Radon.

Schedule Your Radon Mitigation in Elmhurst, IL Today

Our full-time masters of mitigation are in the business of health and safety, and they’re proud of their training and experience. DuPage is the right choice for any responsible home or business owner looking for radon mitigation in Elmhurst, IL.

Improve your quality of life starting today – call DuPage Radon Contractors or fill out our form to start your journey to a safer home or business with radon reduction and mitigation in Elmhurst, IL.

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