Radon Mitigation in
Glen Ellyn, IL

DuPage Radon Contractors is a local business that offers radon mitigation systems in Glen Ellyn, IL and the surrounding area that can remove radon from the soil and discharge the gas at a high, safe altitude where it can’t cause any humans harm. We have over 25 years of experience with radon removal in Glen Ellyn, IL and can design a system for your home or commercial business.

If you’re a DuPage County resident who lives in Glen Ellyn or the surrounding area, your home or business could have elevated levels of radon. Exposure to radon is dangerous, especially long term; it is the second highest cause of lung cancer, resulting in more deaths annually than carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires together. With help from DuPage Radon, you can prevent and mitigate your radon exposure. We have designed over 12,000 systems over the years, leading us to a streamlined process that enables us to install most radon mitigation systems in one day, even on a large-scale project. We want you to be safe as quickly as possible.

How Dangerous is Radon in Glen Ellyn? 

Radon is a naturally-occurring gas that occurs in many environments, as a result of uranium decay. In Glen Ellyn, as well as in many towns throughout northern and central Illinois, radon levels can be relatively high and dangerous for humans and animals. Radon, being invisible and odorless to humans, can enter buildings through cracks in the foundation or solid concrete.

Inhaling radon gas can damage the DNA of your lung cells, increasing the risk of lung cancer. An estimated 21,000 Illinois residents die from radon-related lung cancer annually. Due to this danger, you should test your home and work setting for radon. If your reading is above 4 pCi/L, contact DuPage Radon contractors today for radon mitigation services in Glen Ellyn.

Radon Removal in Glen Ellyn, IL

DuPage Radon Contractors has experience with radon removal services in Glen Ellyn, IL, and surrounding DuPage County, as well as the entire Chicagoland area. We install close to 1000 radon mitigation systems annually in the area. We build on our experience, using our expertise to streamline each project and more efficiently remove the radon from your home or business. We can complete most radon removal projects in one day.

The Benefits of DuPage Radon

Here are just some of the great reasons to choose DuPage Radon Contractors for your radon mitigation needs in Glen Ellyn, IL:

  • Licensed and Insured Radon Specialists- We only employ full-time licensed radon specialists, no subcontractors. Our staff also includes a licensed electricians, giving our team additional insight into the process.
  • Same-Day Bids- DuPage Radon’s technology allows for same-day bids, using our tablet-based price bid system. You won’t have to wait several days for a bid—we can give you a price and schedule your installation the same day.
  • Swift and Easy Installation- We can usually complete an installation within one day. In some cases, a larger scope may take longer to complete, but our work will be quick and seamless for you.

Get Your Radon Removal in Glen Ellyn Today

You don’t want to risk long-term radon exposure for you or your family. If your radon levels are above 4 pCi/L, call DuPage Radon today. We’ll install a radon mitigation system in your Glen Ellyn home or business so you can breathe easy. Call us today at (630) 828-6546 or fill out our online form to schedule an onsite evaluation today. We’ve installed over 12,000 systems over the last 25 years, and you can trust us to help make your home or business safe.

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