Radon Mitigation in
Lisle, IL

Radon mitigation systems in Lisle, IL require the peerless skill and unmatched radon knowledge of a radon removal team like DuPage Radon Contractors. Our mission is health, and our method is one of a kind.

We’re excited to have installed over 12,000 systems in Illinois over the past 25 years, and we won’t stop until our area is safe from radon. We’re so confident our systems will get the job done that we guarantee you’ll past your radon post-inspection once our radon mitigation is running.

How Dangerous Is Radon in Lisle?

Radon testers can submit average readings to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency that contribute to an aggregate measure of radon density in a given area. DuPage County and surrounding counties in Illinois have average radon levels of over 4 pCi/L.

4 pCi/L means that 8.8 disintegrations are occurring every minute in that same liter of air. Most homes or businesses in the Lisle, IL area need radon mitigation since average radon readings in the region are at the action level of over 4 pCi/L.

Unmatched Radon Mitigation Systems for Lisle, IL

Radon reduction in Lisle, IL calls for a robust knowledge of the residential and commercial construction in the area. We train in and carry out reliable installation of radon mitigation systems according to building size, shape, and purpose, and we carry that knowledge into every new contract. Our radon mitigation method is unique to our business and continues to develop as we learn and grow.

Affordable Through Volume Purchasing

Our vast knowledge of the methods of constructing and running even the most complicated radon mitigation systems allows us to know ahead of time what materials we need to keep stocked. It enables us to purchase in large volumes, which saves us, and you, lots of money.

Firm Price

Pricing with DuPage Radon is no-nonsense; Because we have so much experience in the business, we can set accurate prices that won’t go up on installation day. Phone bids and on-site estimates can always change, but at DuPage Radon, the price we show you is the price you get.

Same-Day Bids with Tablet Technology

How do we do it? We have advanced tablet technology that allows us to survey your home or business and input the materials we need in the correct amounts along with any additional information necessary to create a price point for you. It’s quick, easy, and impressively accurate.

One-of-a-Kind Full-Time Staff

You’ll have a tough time finding another radon mitigation service in the area that employs a full-time staff. For most contractors, keeping staff full-time means extra overhead and responsibility. For DuPage Radon, it means extra opportunities to mold our crew into masters of radon mitigation.


Speaking of training, did you know that our team receives more than just the basic radon and radon mitigation training? To ensure we understand every part of our service thoroughly, the crew learns about construction and remodeling. They also undertake building science training, including envelope analysis and air flow. To top it all off, we have a licensed electrician on staff to help with electrical issues and take the guesswork out of installation.

Hassle-Free Installation

Top-to-bottom training, boundless experience, and a clean installation process mean our installation is quick, easy, and mess-free. Countless DuPage Radon systems have been installed in one day, and our crew handles all the setup and cleanup so you can start breathing fresh air as soon as we turn your system on.

Schedule Your Radon Mitigation in Lisle, Illinois Today

We offer services in many areas of Illinois, including Lisle. Our full-time radon removal staff is in the business of health, and each of our employees takes remarkable pride in the accomplishment of another successful radon removal.

Save your lungs, and save some money – call DuPage Radon at 630-828-6546 or fill out our form to start your journey to a safer home or business with radon reduction and mitigation in Lisle, IL.

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