Radon Mitigation in
Lombard, IL

Have you had your Lombard home or office tested for radon? If not, you could be exposing yourself to high levels of harmful radon on a regular basis. Long-term exposure to radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.

If you discover that radon levels are above 4.0PCi/L in your home or workplace, your next step should be to contact a radon mitigation specialist in Lombard. Our team at DuPage Radon Contractors is ready to install an efficient, low-profile radon removal system at your Lombard, IL office or residence. After we install your new radon mitigation system, you’ll only have to wait 24 hours to test your radon levels again. We guarantee your new system will reduce your radon levels to below 4.0pCi/L.

Is Radon Exposure a Danger You Face in Lombard?

More than one in three homes in the western suburbs of Chicago are at risk of having high radon levels. While short-term exposure to radon doesn’t pose a significant risk, long-term exposure (typically 10 or more years) can cause serious health problems. When you inhale radon gas, it affects the DNA of your lungs. Long-term exposure to radon levels above 4.0 picocuries per liter can cause irreparable damage to your DNA, increasing your risk of lung cancer.

The good news is that it’s possible to eliminate dangerous radioactivity with radon mitigation systems in Lombard, IL. A mitigation system from DuPage Radon Contractors will pull radon from the soil below your home and discharge the gas above the roof line, where it won’t cause harm. Contact us today about our radon mitigation services in Lombard, Illinois.

Radon Mitigation Systems for Lombard, IL

DuPage Radon Contractors is a locally-owned business that installs almost 1,000 radon mitigation systems in the greater Chicago area every year. We know Lombard and other Chicago suburbs well, and with our extensive experience in radon removal, we can tackle both common and uncommon problems quickly and efficiently.

Here are a few more reasons you should look to us for radon mitigation in Lombard, IL:

Our Team of Experts

We’re fully insured and licensed, and all our new employees complete rigorous in-house training that goes beyond the basic state requirements. We also hold periodic company-wide training sessions to keep our team’s knowledge up to date.

Our Fast Response Time

Our highly-trained office staff are ready to answer your call. We’ll set up a property evaluation at the earliest time that works for you, and we’ll give you a same-day quote for a radon mitigation system as soon as we finish the evaluation.

Fast Installation

We work hard to finish installing all our Lombard radon removal systems in one day. With large or challenging projects, we can often add more team members to stay on-schedule.

Guaranteed Results

We’re confident in the quality of our radon mitigation systems and Lombard, IL team, which is why we back all parts with a five-year warranty and guarantee your new system will reduce radon levels to below 4.0 PCi/L. If your home doesn’t pass its next radon test, all necessary adjustments to your radon removal system are free.

Don’t Wait: Get Radon Removal in Lombard

Don’t live with high radon levels in your home. Contact DuPage Radon Contractors to get a reliable and affordable Lombard radon mitigation system. With over 25 years of experience and more than 12,000 mitigation system installations, we’re the radon removal team you can trust.

Schedule your radon system evaluation today: just call us at 630-828-6546 or fill out our short online contact form.

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