If you’ve had radon testing performed in your home or business, you may know you need to reduce radon levels for the safety of your family and co-workers. In order to reduce radon and keep it low, an active radon mitigation system will be necessary.

While you may hope that it’s possible to reduce radon without a mitigation system, it is seldom possible. Radon is constantly produced as a product of the decay of radium, and rides on the soil gases that are produced under your building.  Soil gases can push right through the concrete and most flooring and sealing methods.  Sealing cracks, the sump pit, and other floor openings can help, but is rarely enough to achieve satisfactory long-term radon levels.

If you are able to achieve radon levels below 4 picocuries per liter of air (the EPA action level) with sealing alone, you will likely be unable to keep it low over time.  The amount of radium that is ready to turn to radon changes over time, as does the amount of pressure that soil gas produces and pushes through a floor.  If either goes up dramatically, the sealing methods that worked previously are unlikely to provide adequate protection. Without an active radon mitigation system in your building, true radon protection is unrealistic and levels can become dangerous and even life threatening.

What is Radon Mitigation?

DuPage Radon Contractors employs the use of sub-slab depressurization systems, the most durable, efficient and economic way to remove radon in the Chicago area. While there are various radon mitigation systems that employ different techniques, most local radon mitigation companies use this approach as their primary radon removal method because it is simply most cost effective. Reducing radon without a mitigation system just isn’t reliable for bringing radon to consistently safe levels.

DuPage Radon Contractors has installed over 12,000 systems over the last 25 years throughout the greater Chicago area. We have the experience necessary to install your system expertly and remove radon from your residence or business to keep you safe.

Is it Expensive?

While reducing radon without mitigation isn’t the best option, mitigation isn’t something to avoid due to cost. DuPage Radon Contractors systems range in price from $900 to over $5000, with most residential systems costing $1000-$2500. Every system designed is customized for your location, and reduces radon optimally for your environment. They are low maintenance, have a low energy usage, and are very dependable for radon reduction.

You’ll also receive the benefit of reduced humidity with your radon mitigation system, as your system will remove humidity along with the radon gas. It will also remove other soil gases, such as methane, which can be unhealthy to breathe.

Reducing radon levels without mitigation isn’t the best idea, but getting a radon mitigation system in your home or business is. If you live in the Chicago area and have high radon levels, call us today or fill out our online form to schedule an onsite evaluation today.

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